Let Your Photos Tell a Story

The most common mistake I see with my new clients’ social media pages is either the lack of quality photography or the missed chance of being able to tell a story through just one photo. As a visual example, let’s compare these two photos:










Both seem like fairly good photos; neither remarkable, but certainly engaging for those who love food.

The one on the left is “nice.” If you like pork chops, then you’re probably hungry now.

But in the picture on the right, your eye catches the meal, but also a beautiful day outdoors on a breezy porch. There’s a quaint street lamp and cars in the background, suggesting you’ll have a bustling small town street view as you dine. Everything looks crisp and clean, and you can perhaps imagine yourself dining here with a friend. Chances are, the second photo will be more likely to encourage the customer to either call for reservations, visit the restaurant website, or continue to view more info on the social media page they are visiting.

No matter what type of business you own or manage, this rule applies. Tell a story! A mechanic can show one of his employees happily working on a car, not just a picture of a broken strut. A bike shop should show people enjoying their new bike at a local trail, not just people standing with their new bike in front of a wall. A local grocery store should show their unique products, but also perhaps the show local farmer dropping off fresh produce during the summer.

Also, don’t forget to include your business phone number and/or website link in your post/bio. Give people a place to go once they are engaged!

So when you’re about to take a shot, look around before you snap and work to improve the quality of your photos rather than quantity!


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