Upgrade or add an SSL Certificate to your website by July 2018

The issue:

If you do not have an updated SSL installed on your website by July 2018, users visiting your site on the latest version of Google Chrome will see a “Not Secure” block next to your website name in the Chrome search bar.

Why does this matter?

Internet users will gradually become more aware of non-secure sites and the risks that go along with using them. Many will automatically react by leaving your non-secure site altogether.

What if I don’t do anything?

Expect a gradual decline in your traffic over the coming months. But in the future, all sites will need to be compliant, so why not fix it now? And as an added bonus, sites with SSL certificates are recognized by Google as being secure, resulting in better placement in search results.

The solution:

Contact your web host or trusted web developer to make sure your site will be compliant with this new stipulation. The good news? They have until July to fix it (and it shouldn’t take longer than a day or two). Learn more about the issue from Google here.

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