Business and Event Merchandising

Until recently, merchandising branded apparel meant business owners and event organizers would have to:

  • Put down a large up-front investment to build inventory
  • Ensure the order included a variety of sizes
  • Re-order as certain sizes ran out or stock became low, or turn customers away who were seeking an out of stock size
  • Pay setup fees to shirt companies for each different design they have

Through Amazon Merch, an invitation-only service run by Amazon, business owners can now:

  • Avoid the cost and overhead of apparel
  • Have their apparel shipped directly to the customer
  • Offer their customers a wider range of apparel choices, sizes and colors
  • Receive monthly royalties for all shirts sold (royalty depends on retail price of apparel)
  • Purchase employee shirts at a minimum cost, in minimum quantities
  • Avoid loss due to misplacement or incorrect disbursement of inventory

North Coast Design is an Amazon Merch approved business, allowing us to generate extra revenue for our clients with minimal investment. We can also help guide you with strategies to boost shirt sales and drive customers through your doors or to your event.

During setup, we will:

  • Show you how the service works
  • Upload your design(s) to the platform
  • Write a proper title, description and details for your apparel
  • Set up a private link for your apparel to be used in your marketing

Some of our clients have saved thousands of dollars using this model. The model works great for retail businesses, restaurants, festivals, races and a variety of other events.

To learn more or set up a phone/in-person appointment to discuss Merch options, call Molly at 616-676-7299 or email her at